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    If the wheelchair spaces on the bus are occupied, riders in mobility devices must wait for the next bus. All RiverCities buses have ADA lifts or ramps. The bus driver can kneel the bus closer to the curb making it easier for you to board. Please request this service if it is not provided for you.

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    Mobile Devices

    Personal mobile devices are allowed on board. If designated spaces are occupied you must wait until the next bus arrives. Mobile devices must meet the following criteria: L x W Weight Limitation.

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    Passengers may use a two-wheel cart to carry no more than four 25 lbs. bags. The cart must not exceed 18 inches in width and be light enough to safely stow out of the aisle. Passengers may request use of the ADA lift or ramp to board carts.

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    Carry-on items other than grocery bags must be small enough to fit under the seat or safely on the passenger’s lap or an adjacent seat; this includes luggage. Passengers may bring only items they can safely hold or stow so as to not present a hazard to other passengers or the driver during the trip.

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    Once aboard the bus, collapse strollers if possible and stow securely out of the aisle. We can secure strollers with children in our wheelchair securement areas if the spots are unoccupied. In no case is a stroller to be positioned so as to block aisles, doors, steps, or emergency exits.

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    Bike Racks

    Bike racks are available on all buses.