Travel Training


  • waiting_girl_1

    Wait next to the bus stop sign if you want to board the bus. A small light is helpful for night stops.


  • boarding_02

    Remain at the curb until the bus pulls up to the stop. Make sure the bus has come to a complete stop before you board.

  • paying_fare_01

    Seats in the front of the bus are designated for the elderly and disabled. Be considerate of others and move to the back of the bus. Once the doors are closed, the bus will begin moving. Please be seated as soon as possible.


  • rider_03

    At least one block before your stop, signal the operator by pushing on the yellow bell tape or by pulling the cord above the windows.

  • bus_stop_01

    Remain behind the yellow standee line while the bus is in motion.

  • exiting_01

    Please watch your step when de-boarding the bus.