Safety Guidelines

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    Follow these important safety rules so that everyone arrives safely at their destination.

    1 | It is unsafe to board after the bus leaves a stop.

    2 | Maintain a firm hold on all personal items you place on the floor, and keep aisles and doorways clear of personal items.

    3 | If possible, collapse your stroller, remove it from the aisle, and carry your child onto the bus. If the bus is full, you must fold your stroller or wait for the next bus. An open stroller in the aisle is a hazard for everyone on board (even your child).

    4 | Keep your children safe by either securely holding them or by keeping them seated during the ride.

    5 | After boarding, move behind the yellow line to ensure the operator can see his right outside mirror and through the bus doors.

    6 | Have a seat as soon as possible. If you must stand, hold on to the stanchion bars. The bus will begin moving once the doors are shut.

    7 | Move out of the aisle if possible to make way for boarding and alighting passengers.

    8 | Ring the bell in a timely manner before your intended stop, allowing the bus operator ample time to stop smoothly and safely.

    9 | Exit at the rear door when possible.

    10 | After exiting, move a safe distance from the bus.

    11 | Never cross (step) in front of the bus, unless it is stopped at a red light.