RiverCities Transit Set to Break Ground on Transit Center Expansion

RiverCities Transit is set to break ground Monday on a long awaited expansion of their Downtown Transit Center located in Longview at 1135 12th Ave.  RiverCities Transit is operated by the City of Longview, who has contracted with JH Kelly, LLC to construct the Center. The improvements include replacement of the transit center building to accommodate additional drivers and provide for administrative staff being relocated to the new transit center; reconfigure the bus drive aisles and berths for more efficient and safe bus circulation; provide new passenger shelters; provide more efficient site lighting; and add site fencing to provide better visibility and increase safety on site. The project will begin with installation of a temporary transit center facility at 1050 11th Ave to be used during the year-long construction project. The temporary site is expected to be completed by February 20th. At that time, transit riders will be directed to the temporary site to purchase bus passes and catch RiverCities buses as well as connections to CAP, Wahkiakum on the Move, and CC Rider. This project is largely funded by $ 4.1 million in grants provided by the Federal Transit Administration and the Federal Highway Administration, with local matching funds provided  by the local transit sales tax.

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Editor’s Note:  Please contact Ivona Kininmonth, Staff Engineer for questions regarding construction.  Transit operations related questions may be directed to Amy Asher, Transit Manager.