Rules of Conduct

Please obey these rules while riding the bus and on all transit properties. They are for the safety and comfort of all passengers.

1 | Do not harass drivers, employees, or other passengers.

2 | Have the proper fare ready when boarding the bus.

3 | Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times.

4 | Use headphones with all music.

5 | Do not use any form of profanity.

6 | Silence cell phones.

7 | No littering, eating, or, drinking on the bus (except from a sealed container).

8 | No smoking (including tobacco, e-cigarettes, marijuana, etc.).

9 | No loitering, panhandling, or otherwise defacing property.

10 | No sleeping, lying down, or occupying more than one seat.

11 | Please move from securement areas when mobility devices board.

12 | No consuming or carrying open alcohol containers.

13 | Do not put your feet on the seats.

14 | Stow or secure strollers and safely secure personal items.

15| Do not block any aisle or exit.

16 | Follow all Federal, State and Municipal Laws.

17 | Animals are not allowed on the bus.

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