2- Definitions




As used in these Rules of Conduct, the words herein shall have the meaning provided in this Article II. Words of the masculine gender shall be deemed and construed to include correlative words of the feminine and neuter genders. Words imparting the singular number shall include the plural numbers and vice-versa, unless the context shall otherwise dictate.

Bus Shelter
Structures located in transit vehicle loading zones that provide cover for the general public to board and alight from transit vehicles.

Commercial Activity or Activities
Any enterprise or venture by groups or individuals for the purpose of promoting or selling products or services to CTA employees or the general public whether for profit or not.

shall mean the Cowlitz Transit Authority, a Washington municipal corporation and Public Transportation Benefit Area (“PTBA”) organized and operating under and by virtue of the laws of the State of Washington.

CTA Employee
shall mean any part-time or full-time, temporary or regular, exempt or non-exempt, represented or non-represented person, including an intern or contracted party, who is compensated by CTA for services by wages, salary or other remuneration.

CTA Facilities and Properties
All facilities, structures, schedule and news racks, kiosks, fare vending machines, bulletin and information boards, bus stop signs, lands, interest in lands, air rights over lands, and rights of way of all kinds that are owned, leased, held, or used by CTA for the purpose of providing public transportation services, including, but not limited to, park and ride lots, transit centers, bus shelters, and public streets and sidewalks that are used by the general public to board and alighting from transit vehicles.

General Public
Any person or group of persons, including CTA employees not acting in an official capacity at the time.

New Racks
Any stand, box, structure, rack or other device, which is designed and used for the sale of and/or distribution of newspapers, periodicals, magazines, or other publications or combinations of the same.

Park-and-Ride Lots
Locations officially designated by CTA at which persons park their individual vehicles and transfer to a CTA transit vehicle or car/vanpool vehicles, including all physical improvements and landscaping.

A permit that gives a Permittee authority to conduct public communication activities in a manner consistent with applicable endorsements, limitations, rules, and procedures described in these Rules of Conduct.

Any individual, firm, partnership, corporation, organization, association, or entity of any kind who obtains a Permit as described above.

Any individual, firm, partnership, corporation, organization, association or entity of any kind.

Public communication activity or activities
The posting or distributing of flyers, pamphlets, brochures, books, or other written, printed, or graphic material; collecting petition signatures; political campaigning; demonstrating; displaying signs; picketing; unscheduled playing of musical instruments or other performances; public speaking; conducting surveys; soliciting or receiving of funds or contributions of any kind for any purpose; or otherwise communicating or attempting to communicate to the general public.

Public transportation services
Includes the definition of public transportation services in RCW 36.57A.010(10), together with vanpools and fixed route and paratransit services, whether operated by Transit Agency or any governmental agency, private person, firm, or corporation contracting with CTA pursuant to chapter 36.57A RCW.

Transit Vehicle
A municipal transit vehicle defined in RCW 46.04.355.  It also includes any CTA maintenance vehicle or supervisor van.

Transit Centers
Locations where transit routes have a common terminus and facilities are provided to facilitate general public boarding and alighting from Transit Vehicles, including all physical improvement and landscaping.

Transit-related activities
Activities associated with the provision or support of CTA public transportation services, the use of those services by the general public, or CTA sales, promotion, and maintenance activities in support of CTA public transportation services.