2021 – 2026 Transit Development Plan and 2020 Annual Report

Click Here to view the draft 2021 – 2026 Transit Development Plan and 2020 Annual Report

The Transit Development Plan (TDP) is drafted by RiverCities Staff and approved by the Cowlitz Transit Authority annually. It serves to fulfill both RCW’s 35.58.2795 and 35.58.2796 which requires the creation of a Public Transportation System Six-Year Transit Plan and Annual Report, respectively.

The Washington State Department of Transportation is required to develop an annual report that summarizes the status of public transportation systems in the state for the previous calendar year. RiverCities Transit is required to submit this annual report to assist in the development of that statewide plan. The report also serves as a tool to communicate our past accomplishments and future goals for our transit system to the community.  It outlines our organizational structure, transportation services, major accomplishments, and proposed future action strategies and a program for funding those strategies.