Street map of Longview and Kelso, Washington; depicting RiverCities Transits service area and fixed bus routes.

RiverCities LIFT is a curb to curb public transportation service for those persons whose disability limits their ability to ride the fixed-route independently.

LIFT is a “safety net” for people who cannot use the Fixed Route service (big blue buses) by themselves because of a disability. RiverCities has worked hard to make our Fixed Route accessible. It is intended to be the main mode of public transportation for everyone in Longview and Kelso, including people with disabilities. All Fixed Route buses are wheelchair accessible with ramps or lifts, securement areas, and both visible and audible stop announcements.

How to Apply

Eligibility for RiverCities LIFT is determined by submitting the below application. Applications are available at the Longview Transit Center or by requesting one at (360) 442-5663. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday6:30 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday8:00 am – 6:00 pm
SundayNo Service

Scheduling a Ride

To schedule a ride, call 360-442-5667, by 5 pm the day prior up to 14 days in advance. Reservations can be made 24 hours a day, outside of regular business hours, please leave trip request information on the voicemail. Reservation requests must include the following information.

  • First and Last Name of the customer
  • Customer phone number
  • Day and Date of trip
  • Time desired to arrive at the destination
  • Time desired to be picked up at the destination
  • Exact street address of the origin location and destination location. Include applicable facility names, apartment building, or suite number
  • Type of mobility aid used/traveled with
  • Number of persons traveling (Customer, Personal Care Attendant, Guest)
  • Identify your Service Animal if traveling with one

Reservations requests provided through the voicemail system and which are determined to be incomplete will not be processed.

RCT will schedule the trip for as close as possible to the requested time; however, we reserve the right to negotiate up to an hour before and an hour after the requested time. 49 CFR 37.131 D

Visiting RiverCities

Visitors to RCT who are disabled and require paratransit services, shall, for 21 days over a one-year period, have the same rights and privileges regarding ADA paratransit service as an eligible local user, without any higher priority being given to either. Visitors are required to pay the fare, as defined in the fare policy. (49 CFR 37.127)

A visitor may become eligible in one of two ways.

  1. Present documentation from his or her “home” jurisdiction’s paratransit system.
  2. If the individual has no such documentation, RCT may require the provision of proof of visitor status (i.e., proof of residence somewhere else) and, if the individual’s disability is not apparent, evidence of the disability. No documentation of disability is being required if the visitor’s disability is apparent.