Route 46 & Route 45 Run Change

Route 46

Route 46 starts Monday, September 13, 2021. It will leave the Train Depot at :50 after starting at 11:50 and continuing through the 3:50 run. From the Train Depot, Route 46 will travel north to Barnes Street and then to the Kelso Safeway via Minor Road. The bus will then travel to Longview with a stop on Ocean Beach at 8th and stops along 15th Avenue. The bus continues onto the 7th Avenue Wal-Mart before heading to the Longview Transit Center. With a stop at Kaiser Permanente and on 3rd Avenue, the bus concludes its run at the Train Depot.

Route 45

Monday through Friday Route 45 will switch from 30-minute service to 20-minute service an hour earlier. Starting at 9 AM and continuing until 4:20 PM Route 45 will run every 20 minutes. After 5 PM, Route 45 will return to its 30-minute schedule. No changes to Saturday service on Route 45.