Route 46 Survey

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Using your input from the recent Kelso Service Survey and ridership numbers, RiverCities staff drafted three route options for the new Route 46 that would run from approximately 12-5 PM Monday – Friday. Please take a look and tell us which one you want to see launched in late summer. Staff will share your responses to this survey with the Cowlitz Transit Authority at the May meeting.

Option A serves North and Central Kelso, the Food Bank, and the Minor & Allen intersection east of I-5.
It crosses over to Longview and stops opposite WinCo at LCC, continues on to Walmart via Tennant, a quick stop at the Transit Center, and then past Kaiser Clinic and Hall of Justice to the Train Depot.

Option B serves Central and South Kelso, in the opposite direction, compared to Route 57. This would return stops to Pacific and Hawthorne and Pacific and Yew. As with the prior alternative, this route travels to WinCo via the stop at LCC, 7th Ave Walmart, and the Transit Center.

A return path that may be applied to any of the three options is via Washington Way and Catlin to the Train Depot, with a stop at Washington and 11th to serve the Triangle Mall, and possibly additional stops at Catlin & 5th and/or Catlin & Main.

During the Catlin Street widening project, RCT would detour via Washington St. to 1st Ave.

Option C We don’t have enough time to travel to both North & South Kelso, serve LCC and WinCo, plus reach Walmart all within an hour schedule. However, Walmart riders can make a one-bus transfer at the Train Depot to Route 44, or at the Transit Center to Routes 30, 31, and 33. All four of these routes serve one Walmart or the other.

This option covers the same North Kelso area as option A.  To maintain the schedule, the South Kelso routing travels from Grade Street, by way of 13th Ave directly to Foster Farms. RCT may install new stops at either 13th & Grade or 13th & Chestnut, and at 13th & Walnut.

After departing the Transit Center, this option could return via either Kaiser Clinic as shown or via Washington Way to Catlin.