Travel Training

What is Travel Training

Travel Training is a free service offered by RiverCities that provides self-paced instruction to help passengers become familiar with our public transportation system. Travel Training can give you the freedom and confidence to go anywhere you want on public transit in our community.

Who is Eligible

Anyone……Individuals with disabilities, seniors, students, groups, and more!

What Do You Learn

Travel Training is designed to meet your individual needs at your own pace. What do you want to learn?

  • How to plan a trip
  • How to read bus maps and schedules
  • How to pay fares
  • How to travel to and from a bus stop
  • How to transfer to another bus
  • How to use the ramp or lift with a mobility device
  • What to do in an emergency or if you need assistance

Types of Travel Training we offer

One-on-One instruction to specific destinations for passengers who need personalized training.

Group presentations include a general agency introduction and demonstration of trip planning tools. Training is tailored to the group and may include a field trip.

For more information

Call 360-442-5663 for more information or visit our contact page to email your request.