Special Cowlitz Transit Authority Board Meeting – 5.25.22

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, in accordance with RCW Chapter 42.30, the Cowlitz Transit Authority will resume the Wednesday, May 11, 2022, regular board meeting on Wednesday, May 25, 2022, at 4:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers, Longview City Hall, 1525 Broadway St, Longview. The meeting is also available via Zoom.

Please click the link below to join the meeting:


Telephone options (you may need to try more than one number if you receive a busy signal):

Dial any of the following numbers:

1 253 215 8782

1 346 248 7799

1 408 638 0968

1 669 900 6833

1 301 715 8592

1 312 626 6799

1 646 876 9923

Webinar ID: 892 8614 0581

For information about Zoom accessibility, please contact the Board Clerk’s Office at (360) 442-5664. Longview City Hall is accessible for persons with disabilities. Special equipment to assist the hearing impaired is also available. Please contact the City Executive Offices at (360) 442-5004 at least 48 hours in advance if you require special accommodations to attend the meeting.

Agendas are made available the Friday before the meeting at www.mylongview.com under “Agendas & Minutes.”

Next meeting

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

4:00 p.m. – Regular Board Meeting

RiverCities Transit Launches Lexington’s Route – Route 411


Lexington Elementary on April 20, 2022, from 4 PM – 6 PM

Longview Transit Center on April 21 & 22, 2022 from 9 AM – 4 PM

Monday – Friday Route 411 Schedule

Longview Transit Center Cowlitz Hall of Justice Solomon Rd Country Run Apartments Westside Hwy & Aaron Dr Lexington Elementary School Solomon Rd Country Run Apartments Cowlitz Hall of Justice
7:20 A7:25 A7:29 A7:35 A
7:45 A7:49 A7:55 A8:00 A8:05 A8:09 A8:15 A
11:45 A11:49 A11:55 A12:00 P12:05 P12:09 P12:15 P
5:00 P5:04 P5:10 P5:15 P5:20 P5:24 P5:30 P
6:00 P6:04 P6:10 P6:15 P6:20 P6:24 P6:30 P

Saturday Route 411 Schedule

Longview Transit CenterCowlitz Hall of Justice Solomon Rd Country Run ApartmentsWestside Hwy & Aaron Dr Lexington Elementary SchoolSolomon Rd Country Run ApartmentsCowlitz Hall of Justice
9:20 A9:25 A9:29 A9:35 A
9:45 A9:49 A9:55 A9:59 A
3:00 P3:04 P3:10 P3:15 P3:20 P3:24 P3:30 P
Lexington Connector Map

The Longview to Lexington Connector, Route 411

Scheduled to begin service on May 2, 2022, Route 411 provides service between the Longview Transit Center and the north end of Lexington Monday – Saturday. Service along the route will be in conjunction with the transit service offered by Lower Columbia CAP.

Our introduction of transit service to Lexington will include not only fixed transit stops but also flag stops. A flag stop is when a rider boards a bus at a safe location that is not an established stop with a posted sign. The bus will stop if it can do so without creating a hazard, and where the driver can see you in plenty of time to stop.

Flag Stop Locations



  • 114 1st Ave NW, Sun’s Teriyaki
  • 820 Westside Hwy, Auto Bath / Freedom Market
  • 120 Solomon Drive, Country Run Apartments
  • 1410-1418 Westside Hwy
  • 1508 Westside Hwy, Bob’s Lil Car Hospital
  • 1626 Westside Hwy, El Ranchero
  • Aaron Drive
  • Ponderosa Drive
  • Rainbow Way
  • Boardwalk Way
  • Sparks Drive
  • Westside Hwy & Early Bird Dr
  • 120 Solomon Drive, Country Run Apartments
  • 825 Westside Hwy, Traci’s Pet Shop

How do I flag a bus?

  • Make sure the driver sees you. Using a flashlight or waving your arms as the bus approaches will help the driver see you.
  • The driver must determine whether or not it is safe to pull the bus over at the location you’ve chosen.
  • There must be adequate stopping distance for the bus.
  • The bus must be able to pull over enough so that it will not cause problems with other vehicles.
  • The area cannot be a blind corner.

ADA Service

ADA service will also be provided during the same time periods the bus route operates.  The bus will deviate to provide curb to curb service for those passengers who are approved to ride RiverCities LIFT.

2021 – 2026 Transit Development Plan and 2020 Annual Report

Click Here to view the draft 2021 – 2026 Transit Development Plan and 2020 Annual Report

The Transit Development Plan (TDP) is drafted by RiverCities Staff and approved by the Cowlitz Transit Authority annually. It serves to fulfill both RCW’s 35.58.2795 and 35.58.2796 which requires the creation of a Public Transportation System Six-Year Transit Plan and Annual Report, respectively.

The Washington State Department of Transportation is required to develop an annual report that summarizes the status of public transportation systems in the state for the previous calendar year. RiverCities Transit is required to submit this annual report to assist in the development of that statewide plan. The report also serves as a tool to communicate our past accomplishments and future goals for our transit system to the community.  It outlines our organizational structure, transportation services, major accomplishments, and proposed future action strategies and a program for funding those strategies.

RiverCities Transit Temporary Service Reduction

Starting Monday, December 28, RiverCities Transit will implement service reductions due to a staffing shortage. RCT will run the Saturday schedule with additional service on Route 45 Monday – Friday until further notice. RiverCities LIFT paratransit service will continue to be available Monday – Saturday. Those unable to access essential services and jobs due to these reductions are encouraged to contact RCT at 360-442-5663 or [email protected].

Staff is working with the website designer to update the website and trip planner with the reduced service schedule. For more information, please call customer service at 360-442-5663 or visit www.rctransit.org.

RiverCities Transit is committed to providing service to our community members that need to access essential functions and lifeline services.

Local Congresswoman Visits Longview Transit Center

Click the below link to read the press release: