October Service Changes

Effective October 2, 2023, RiverCities Transit is making changes to routes 45, 46, and 411 (Lexington Connector).

Route 45

Route 45 will have an additional trip, Monday – Friday at 4:30 pm departing the Transit Center.

Route 46

RiverCities Transit is adjusting the routing on Route 46. Once on 15th Avenue, Route 46 will continue south until Beech St., where it will turn left and continue to the 7th Ave Wal-Mart. The other change is after the bus leaves the Longview Transit Center. Rather than turn on Hudson the bus will continue to Broadway St. and then turn left on 7th Ave, right on Catlin St, then onto the Kelso Train Depot.

Route 411 – Lexington Connector

The changes to Route 411 – Lexington Connector include both additional service and a slight routing change. Route 411 will have an additional run at 1:15; filling one of the two gaps that are currently in the weekday schedule. Currently the bus travels north on 411 to Tim Wa mobile home park; the service change has the bus turning at Aaron Drive, left on Desert Inn, left on Ponderosa, then south on 411.